Winter Birthday Party Ideas Kids

2 Year Old Birthday Party ideas kids Games Based On Storybooks on winter

Winter Birthday Party Ideas Kids

Winter Birthday Party Ideas Kids in home when coming of the time of  winter Birthday Party Ideas Kids that the ages of  love story book. They are full of fun stories, pictures and let the children’s imagination to soar. Even a 2 year old can enjoy a variety of books that are not only fun and colorful to look at but also has educational value as well. This book can be used as downtime before a NAP, is used as the main focus for the activities of the House and if by chance a birthday coming up, why not take one of our favorite books for children and create a theme party?

For simple décor, just scan and print colorful pictures from books, cut them out and hung a wreath, tape them on the balloon or use them as cake toppers. The next part is to use the books in the activities that people will love.

Of the thousands of books for children that many parents regularly read to their babies, there are four popular that can easily be used as the basis of a lot of fun birthday decorations and activities:

GREAT little by Leslie Patricelli

A great little book that is adorable which focuses on many different items that are either large or small. This is a good opportunity to make the sorting game that managed the toddler will absolutely love it.

Get two big baskets and boxes or label them “BIG” and “little”. Next, grab a bunch of toys and items from home (preferably some that are similar to the one in the book). If you want to stay true to the book, just copy the image directly from the book or print some from your computer. Finally, go through each item one by one and ask the children if they are “large” or “small”. After the kids chose the correct answer, ask one of them to place it in heap properly. A lot of fun and the kids will surely want to play again and again.

The amazing alphabet book by Dr. Seuss

Alphabet theme that has always been a favorite for parents and children. Dr. Seuss books are popular walks through each letter of the alphabet when naming the different things that start with those letters. For example, the book starts with the letter A, A “Big, little, what starts with A? Aunt Annie’s alligator, A. .. …. A “.

Although toddlers are generally not yet able to understand all the letters of the alphabet, shapes and bright colors are more than enough to set a fun party atmosphere (and reinforce the shape of the letter at the same time).

While reading the book, trying to hold big chunks out of the mail is being read. Next, collect some toys or pictures that fit in the book. Ask the children to find the object that corresponds to the letter. An easy way to get them is to say “you will find the Bumblebee?” and shows the pictures in the book. This is a wonderful game that teaches children letters, letter sounds and identify objects that begin with the letter. Great fun both inside and out.

This is Australia by Miroslav Sasek

This is Australia part of a series of books written by Miroslav Sasek. This book describes many different people, animals and things that are found in Australia. This is more of a sophisticated book for toddlers but they can certainly learn a lot about their home country by listening to the stories and see the colorful illustrations.

If you need to use some energy activities, there is a fun activity animals that none of the children can be refused. Leads to a variety of animals depicted in the book and show them an action that the animals will be made. For example, hop like kangaroos, koala-like leaf chewing, growl like the Tasmanian Devil, run as emu and so on. This game not only working outside the body, but also to teach children about native creatures from their home countries.

Brown bear brown bear what do you see? by Eric Carle

Another favorite son, brown bear brown bear what do you see? a great book is filled with many colorful animals that can easily be used in a variety of crafts and activities. One idea is to have different animals cut and have their child like a book (red bird, brown bear …). With the help of adults, the tape sticks to the back of the figure for wayang fun. Another option is to create a fun costume based on the animals in the book or the mask. Have some old colorful jackets, shirts or coats that kids can wear and just glue a few ears to cheap Headbands. You can also have someone paint their faces with free face paint is toxic. After that, shows children different actions and sounds that the animals will be made that story of Winter Birthday Party Ideas Kids. thanks you badut maskot